Complete Low Carb Menu Samples

Complete Low Carb Menu Samples
Low carb diets are a good resource for weight loss. The use of nicely balanced diet palns can be the difference between how long you lose weight and how much weight you actually lose. The following meal plans offer a delicious and nutritious plan to lose weight. The diet plans offer the appropriate amount of nutrients in terms of vitamins, proteins, fiber and minerals. The maximum calorie count for each recommended meal is a maximum of only 1700 calories. For low carb diets that still need a high calorie count, there is an option of having a high protein and high fat diet that limits the starch in the diet. Similarly, fruits and veggies are recommended to enhance the nutritional content of your diets.
Introductory Low Carb Menu
This diet only contains 30 grams of carbs per day in the entire meal plan and focuses on low carbs. The menu recommends a breakfast of peanut butter flax cereal accompanied by some frozen blueberries. The lunch suggestions is a salad containing lettuce , avocado, chicken and a light dressing made from citrus fruits. You are also allowed to have a snack of at least a handful of almond nuts. For dinner, grill or pan fry a 5 ounce stake and pair with green beans and mushrooms. This meal plan actually only contains 26 grams of carbs while having all the other nutrients in plenty.
Low Carbohydrate/High Protein Menus
Here the focus is on increasing the protein content and limiting the carbs in the diet. The proposed diet is considered Atkins and Paleo suitable. You should essentially create your meal plan based on the consumption of meat products, fish, nuts and seeds. A common ingredient in high protein diets is flax. Similarly, you can consume dairy and mil products as well as low or zero calorie drinks. A light breakfast of eggs is recommended with a possible serving of veggies. Lunch should contain at least six ounces of your preferred protein which can consist of a chicken salad with mixed greens. A snack of cottage or ricotta cheese or nuts or flax seed meal is perfect for this diet. Finally, a six ounce salmon combined with mixed low carb veg is perfect for dinner. This full day menu actually consists of only 32g of carbs and 103 g or proteins.
No Cooking Low Carb Menu
This diet does not feature any fancy cooking methods. It actually allows you to simply consume 33 g of carbs in total without the hassle of cooking. An example of this meal plan is to east some bran cereal for breakfast, two grilled chicken breast sandwiches with salads for lunch, mushrooms for a snack and chicken wraps with lettuce for dinner. You can get each of the foods listed above at your local Wendy’s or deli store.
Phase One of the South Beach Diet
This diet only works with the first pase of the South Beach Diet. The entire carb count is 30g for this meal and you can enjoy some of your favorite foods without feeling guilty. For breakfast, a broccoli-cheese frittata with 2 bacon slices is the recommended option. Lunch can consist of rainbow bean soup or two roast beef wraps for your low carb and high protein needs. Dinner comprises of chicken masala and a cup of cooked veggies. You can have a snack of almonds or opt for a sugar-free gelatin dessert. The entire day plan only has 30g in carbs and 110g in proteins.
Low Carb Menu with Breakfast Burritos
While this diet is not as great as the Atkins Industion menu, it is still a good option for low carb diets. The entire diet contains relatively higher carb amount of 45g. Breakfast consists of a delicious breakfast burrito that features low carb bread and eggs as well as a piece of melon. Lunch can be a large green salad with chicken chunks scattered throughout. For differ an unstuffed cabbage is recommended while snacks include cottage cheese or low carb fruit.
Low Carb Easy Menu
This is an extremely fast and uncomplicated menu for anyone to prepare. The meal contains 49g of carbs and comprises of some very simple ingredients.