7-Day Cucumber Diet (With Exercises Plan) That Drops Pounds Very Fast

7-Day Cucumber Diet (With Exercises Plan) That Drops Pounds Very Fast

Losing weight can be a difficult task especially if you want to lose weight easily and quickly. There are many weight loss solutions on online sites; however, many do not offer the fast results that most of us expect. The 7-day cucumber diet is the perfect choice for you if you really want to lose weight quick. This diet will have you looking fit and healthy within ten days. The diet is based on only one ingredient and is therefore very easy for you to use different preparation methods. Cucumer has many health benefits include the detoxification of the body, eliminate excess water that contributes to water weight as well as improving your skin. Through this quick fix, you can lose weight in only ten days.

Meal Plan


200grams of finely sliced cucumber

1 cup of low fat yoghurt or plain yoghurt

Optional: 1 apple and 2 peaches


Cucumber Salad

Toasted wheat bread or 2 baked potatoes


2 baked potatoes or 3 Slices of toasted wheat bread

150 g of white meat


Fresh fruit

Fruit salads

Cucumber shake containing almonds/walnuts, ginger, cucumber, apple, and spinach.


300g of fruit.

Nutritional Facts

This cucumber diet is a perfect detox for the body that helps you burn more fat in the body by boosting your metabolism. The diet contains very low fats and carbs in products such as yoghurt and fruits. The nutritional content of the diet is also balanced. For example, the shake recommended in the diet is a good source of calcium, fiber, vitamins, and magnesium among other great nutrients. As with every other health diet, water is the main recommendation for drinks. However, you can also drink tea or coffee with no sugar as an alternative drink of choice.

However, with this diet, you must also incorporate physical exercises that enhance your weight loss. The diet in combination with the exercises help you to burn fat and therefore lose weight quickly. This exercise must be regular in order to achieve the desired results.

Types of Exercises

  1. Side Plank

For those who are unfamiliar with this physical exercise, it is a great fat burner for your stomach area. You simply lie on your side with your legs straight then raise your body with your forearm so that your entire body forms a straight line.

  1. Bridges

Bridges are another form of exercise that is very good for your abdominal area. It is also great for your glutes and can help you sculpt your body. The exercise requires you to lie down on your back with your knees bent. Raise your hips with your feet planted on the ground to form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees and squeeze your glutes. Return to the original position and repeat this action several times.

  1. Single-leg deadlift

Using a weight, raise your right foot behind your body and bend your knee so that the leg aligns with the floor. On your left foot, bend forward and lower your body. Repeat several times before alternating the legs.

  1. Cardio Intervals

Cardio intervals are highly effective in burning body fat. The cardio intervals involves cardio equipment such as skip ropes, treadmills, stationary bikes, and weights. You should try to adhere to a 3:20:10 format where for three minutes you work at 50%, for 20 seconds you work at 75% and for 10 seconds you work at 100%. Repeat these steps for a minimum of 10 minutes.

  1. Push ups

Pushups are a great way to tone your arms and tighten your core. To do this exercise, you lie face down on the floor. Placing your hands at shoulder length, lift your entire body on the palms of your hands and lower your body until your chest almost hits the floor. Repeat this exercise severally.

  1. Plank with arm raise

A plank with an arm raise is yet another great exercise for your abs. In a pushup position, raise your body with your elbows and toes so that your body forms a straight line. Raise one arm and balance your weight ensuring that your core remains tight.